About Us

Meet The Executive Team

Osiur Rahman

Managing Director

I am an experienced education leader with
considerable knowledge of pre-inspection,
accreditation and school improvement support.

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Ann Palmer

Managing Director

I have experience within education which both
broad and diverse, with over 14 years of successful
Headship at both primary and secondary phases.

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Dewan Chowdhury

Operations Director

With over a decade of teaching and leadership
experience, I am a highly skilled Data Analyst
tracking Pupil Progress and Assessments.

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To support and challenge schools with developing and delivering world class education.


Our vision is that all individuals, groups or schools  aspiring to deliver world-class education feel confident in the support, challenge and collaboration available to them.


  • Whilst working in partnership, to ensure that students are at the heart of any decision making
  • To develop a collaborative approach within a school and across schools to secure the best outcomes for children and young people
  • To ensure that member schools are offered a full range of services in order to secure school improvement
  • To provide high quality, bespoke CPD and training, with the aim of empowering individuals and organisations to shape their future
  • To promote self improvement through networking with other member schools within the federation
  • To facilitate forums for outstanding leadership to share ideas and disseminate information
  • To ensure that practice is well-grounded in researched methods
  • To utilise best practice in IT, including e-learning, to facilitate school improvement for and within the federation
  • To offer effective commissioned services, in the areas of IT, HR, Legal and Finance


We believe in:

  • professionalism which is firm and meticulous, and operates with integrity and transparency
  • recognising schools for excellence. This means challenging with boldness, whilst empowering schools to show ambition and be successful
  • effective collaboration and connections, which result in a welcoming and sharing environment
  • promoting innovative, optimistic and creative leadership, that shows impact and leads to improvement
  • having an ethical approach, ensuring that respect for others, resilience and trust, leads to TFois being both an approachable and ambitious organisation
  • servicing our global clients and citizens, whilst drawing on best practice in diversity, inclusion and equality