We support by contributing to your success story in a number of ways;  whether this be through the support/challenge of senior or middle leadership teams, support for governors and/or trustees, help with the setting of vision or strategy, or support with senior staff recruitment or performance management.  We offer bespoke support packages which cater to your needs with advice, feedback and recommendations.

Leadership & Management Support

The Federation of Independent Schools Leadership and Management support is aimed at developing and inspiring great leadership teams. We will work with you to design, deliver and manage a professional development programme that perfectly suits your school’s needs.

Based on extensive research around leadership styles and teams, we can explore these with individuals and teams in order to develop leadership skills, improve knowledge and build capacity. Our leadership partners support and strengthen leadership at all levels, empowering headteachers, governors and senior leaders to build leadership capacity, deliver whole-school improvement, secure better teaching and learning, and manage complex organisations more effectively.

Whether it is looking at roles and responsibilities, change management or analysing school culture, our training packages are interesting and engaging.  From single INSET days with all staff, to collections of days, surveys and assessments focussing on a particular area or team within the school, we lead discussions on the barriers to effective leadership.

Because each school is unique any support package is specific and bespoke, dependent upon need and context. We have supported a large number of schools in a variety of ways. Please contact us for more information.

Setting School Vision

“Vision is where you want to be in the future, what your school will look like, how it will feel to be there, what aspirations it will have and by which values it will operate.”   Brent Davies, 2006.  

Does your School Vision offer clarity for the work of the school/organisation?  Writing and implementing a robust Vision can be complex.  The Federation of Independent Schools can support you with this area of work.    Do your values align with your Vision and are stakeholders aware of what your organisation stands for?  If creation or review of your organisational Vision is needed, then please get in touch.

Strategy Review

The Federation of Independent Schools can assist you with developing the strategy for your organisation and ensure that these are outlined clearly in your school improvement plan.  We can assess whether the overall strategy is correct and is focusing on the right key areas for improvement.  We can assist with your team’s exploration of school improvement projects.  Working with governors, leaders, teachers and parents, we work alongside you to ensure that stakeholders are clear about the school’s priorities.  If you would like support with writing your strategic plan or reviewing whether your school improvement cycle is effective, then please get in touch.

To access this support or receive more information about any of the above services, then please get in touch: