Our training and Continued Professional Development programmes are bespoke and personalised. Our custom workshops can cover curriculum-focused or school improvement focused initiatives. If there are particular subjects which need support, we will do what we can to facilitate using our specialist consultants.

Trainee Teachers and Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

We have a very successful series of live and recorded webinars which aim to inform and instil confidence. The webinars are entitled ‘The Confident NQT’. It is crucial that all teaching professionals, regardless of the stage in their careers, feel well-supported and able to take on the challenges of a modern-day education system.

The Confident NQT Webinar 1 – Welcome to the teaching profession. The unspoken word is now spoken!

The Confident NQT Webinar 2 – Managing Classroom Behaviour

The Confident NQT Webinar 3 – Applying for jobs

The Confident NQT Webinar 4 – Take Your Marks, Get Set, Go! The final in this series of webinar works on the basis that trainee teachers and NQTs alike, need enough knowledge to evoke confidence, allowing them to feel secure and to shine in their new role.

Team Training Sessions

“As a result of their engagement in the organisation wide processes, teachers are actively involved in studying professional problems, making decisions about what to do, and committed to achieving results in implementing those decisions.”   Owens, 2004

Inevitably teams can function better when they have explored the function of teams and how they work. Using the strength of teams can improve accountability and deliver the organisation’s required aims and outcomes. In our team training sessions, we inform and can touch on existing issues which may or may not exist within particular teams. We are keen to demonstrate that effective teams should exist at all levels. Through our practical and knowledge-based training sessions, we aim to leave teams empowered and clear about expectations.

Team Building

“Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success”. 
Ted Sundquist (an American football player, manager and commentator)

We have a variety of team building and team training packages available. We truly believe that with a background in education and teaching, we posses the right skills to ‘skill-up’ your team or teams. Inevitably, some teams will be more effective than others. Through exploration, we can inform team members of why this is. Our package cover effective teams, the value of teamwork, what is an effective team member, the values which are essential in effective teams and the core skills required to ensure that team members maximise the potential of them as an individual, but also how they impact on their team(s) overall.

Customised Workshops

These workshops are personalised and customised to whatever the requirements of the school are. Calling upon current and historical research, our package covers a wide range of school improvement areas.

Examples of these include Outstanding Leadership and Management, Being an Effective Head of Department and Enabling Strategies to Improve Teaching and Learning.

If you would like training for a particular subject area, then please let us know. Being an advocate of the Chartered College of Teaching, we access to good quality research informed practice.

To access this support or receive more information about any of the above services, then please get in touch: